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Zhuyeqing Tea is a well known tea company and the official sponsor of the Chinese national Go team. For the third year now, they are although the main sponsor of the European Go Congress. We are thankful for their generous support.

Absorbing the immortal mountain's nimbus, gathering the nectar of clouds, through thousands of years, the teas of Emei Mountain in Sichuan have always been favored by famous scholars for its pure and mellow, light and refined extraordinary taste.

On April 20, 1964, Chen Yi, the Foreign Minister at that time, went to Emei Mountain to conduct an inspection. He played go and drank tea with the old monk in Wannian Temple, and his full praise went toward the tea. He asked, "What kind of tea is this?", and the old monk answered, "That tea is the special product of Emei Mountain, without a name yet" and asked Marshal Chen Yi to name the tea.

Marshal Chen Yi looked carefully into his cup: the tea water was clear and leaves were green, full of life, so he said heart-felt: "It's really like the tender bamboo leaf, we can just call it Zhu Ye Qing" (Bamboo Leaf Green). Since then, the repute of Zhuyeqing has been spread far and wide, and a legendary and much-told story was added to the tea industry.


Bordeaux 1 University

logobordeaux1_85.pngLogoUBx_140Bordeaux 1, scientific and technological European University and one of the founder members of the Bordeaux University, gathers about 9,000 students interested in every major sciences fields. This is the perfect place for the European Go Congress, the last mind game to hold out against the computer.

Sensitive to our plans, the university did not hesitate to put its premises at our disposal in order to welcome the participants and the various events.


Special thanks to our sponsors and partners!

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